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Updated: Apr 7, 2023

We are offering some tips that will allow you to feel more confident in your interview process. Although an interview can be scheduled several months after you apply, knowing what to expect will help you feel more prepared and confident when the important day arrives.

Here are some useful tips for your interview:

The officer's main objective is to determine if your application is accurate and truthful, without signs of any fraud or misrepresentation. The investigation and questioning process may be focused on the history of your application, whether it is based on a marriage, parent-child relationship, employment-based, or any other benefit sought.

Punctuality is an excellent idea for any occasion…

But if we talk about situations where being on time is of the utmost importance, this is one of those examples. I recommend becoming familiar with the location of the interview by driving a day or two ahead of the interview, so that you know exactly where the nearest parking structures are, and to become familiar with the location in general. Most people are extremely nervous and end up getting lost or feeling frustrated when they can’t find parking nearby. You want to be past the security checkpoint at the door, and at the check-in window 15 minutes before your appointment time.

Review your documents and application beforehand

As we mentioned earlier, the conversation with the official during your interview will be mostly about the contents of your application, so you should carefully review and analyze the forms that you or someone else prepared and submitted to USCIS. This will help refresh your memory on important dates, former addresses and employers, and more info that you do not want to struggle to remember when the officer asks.

*An extra tip for this point is to always bring all your original documents and at least two copies of each one. It is always better to be over-prepared.

Be prepared to mention and demonstrate any changes to your forms.

In most cases there are always changes to be made during the interview. Whether it is because you had a change since you filed or because of an error, it is best to review those with your attorney ahead of time. These changes can be anything like a new home address or job, and you have to be sure to mention these when asked.

At the interview: Try to stay calm, business-like, and listen carefully.

Nerves are ever-present in situations of great importance. Keep in mind that officers deal with a large number of people every day so they will always be grateful if you remain calm and answer only what they are asking. Try not to waste time on small talk, but listen to the officer and politely engage when they ask questions.

Dressing properly for the occasion also helps. Conservative, neutral colored clothing always works. Many people choose to dress more formally in their “Sunday best,” which is great, as long as you are not uncomfortable in what you choose to wear.

Most importantly - be sure that you listen and understand the question before answering.

Your lawyer should personally “prepare” you for the interview.

Lawyers have seen it all when it comes to interviews, and they have many more tips that apply directly to your circumstances. They can also provide more insight because they have dealt with many different officers and protocols that do vary from place to place. There is nothing that inspires more confidence than attending the interview with an attorney who knows your case well and has experience in a variety of interview forums.. This is important in any case, but particularly when there are complex issues in your case like negative immigration or criminal history involved.

At Mundo Legal we have the experience and knowledge to support you in the process and prepare you to face this great step in your life.

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