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Any applicant or representatives of immigration services can ask USCIS to expedite the adjudication of their petition, appeal, or motion. To proceed with this request to expedite the process, USCIS generally requests documentation that supports the acceleration and is at the sole discretion of USCIS.

USCIS must carefully weigh the level of urgency and merit of each acceleration request for which there are criteria or guidelines to consider.

Some of the relevant criteria for expediting an application are the following:

- Serious financial loss for a company or person.

Suppose a company can demonstrate the financial loss that could be caused by losing a contract or laying off employees. Losing a job can be a serious financial loss depending on the individual circumstance. It can also be applied when a lack of promptness would result in a loss of critical benefits or services.


- Emergencies or extraordinary humanitarian situations.

An “urgent” humanitarian situation is considered when the circumstance is pressing or critical related to human well-being. For example, it may be a situation of severe illness, disability, death of a close family member, natural disasters, armed conflicts, or extreme living conditions.


If there is a travel request, USICS considers expedited processing of a document under an urgent or critical need, such as obtaining medical treatment, or the death or serious illness of a close family member.

*Important: If the desire for travel benefits is solely for vacation purposes, this does not meet the definition of a serious or urgent need.


- Request by a non-profit organization with cultural or social interests in the United States.

For any nonprofit organization seeking to expedite claims for benefits, it must equally demonstrate an urgent need based on the beneficiary's specific role within the organization in promoting social or cultural interests. Some examples could be a scientific medical situation where important research is taking place in the interests of health or science, or a university professor who requires urgent participation in a cultural event.


- Government interests

These interests are referred to any sector of the federal, state, court, territorial, or local government of the United States with public focus cases identified as urgent requested only by authorized personnel who can represent the department or agency in some position of supervisor, manager, court official or leader. Every request must prove that the interests are compelling and have a sensitive impact.


- Clarify an error with USCIS

If there is an error with official documents that need correction, USCIS may receive an expedited replacement of the document.


It is important to emphasize that every applicant for acceleration in their process before USCIS must present solid and concise evidence to support the request.

USCIS considers applications according to the circumstances, where some may be prolonged or inhibit the possible acceleration of the requested benefits.


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