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Meet the founder: Attorney Yesenia

Consultation with Attorney Acosta

My Story
I grew up with my parents and six siblings in the Central Valley of California, a valley ranked among the most productive farmlands in the world. My father traveled to the U.S. to work seasonal agricultural work starting in the late 70's. As immigrants seeking a better life, my parents both showed that with hard work and integrity, a better future is attainable. My siblings also set a great example for me as entrepreneurs in their respective careers.
After graduating from high school, I wanted to explore the world and began my studies in San Diego. I graduated with my bachelor's degree in psychology and international migration studies. After traveling to several countries and working at law firms for a couple of years, I found that my passion was to help make the law accessible to others. I quickly found that I could explain complicated legal issues in a way that helps people understand their situation and feel empowered to move forward. In law school, I worked with professors to expand a community legal clinic, based out of public schools, that offered free legal help in communities where people simply didn't have easy access to lawyers.
I obtained my license to practice as an attorney, and I gained experience not only in immigration, but in criminal defense, civil cases, and general legal matters. I have always enjoyed being involved in the community, giving talks on legal issues, and volunteering as the Chair of the Board of Directors on the SGV Consortium on Homelessness and a Member of the LA District Attorney's Latino Advisory Board.

After working for several years within a traditional law firm model, I began to feel disconnected from the passion that I had in my first years as a lawyer. Many firms have a lot of expenses, meaning they have to increase the quantity of cases and focus on lucrative cases, such that lawyers have to delegate a lot of work to their assistants. This means lawyers lose direct contact with clients. In this way, other offices cannot fulfill the individual service that the client needs and wants.

Finally, I decided to start my own law firm with a different model to provide my clients with unparalleled legal services. I understand that each client invests immensely into their legal process whether financially, emotionally and psychologically. For that reason, I am completely dedicated to providing the legal service that you will feel good about investing in and trusting with your most important legal matters.
My office works like very few offices in the country. I personally handle files and client communication. I can be efficient while handling cases by the use of the best technology and organizational methods, to comply with the best quality of service.​ You will always be able to reach me directly, whether by phone, text, email, or in person. It gives me great pride to work directly with my clients and we collaborate in bringing the best result possible.
- Attorney Yesenia

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