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Immi News for November

Green Card Backlogs – The Numbers

The Department of State’s National Visa Center (NVC) saw an increase in the immigrant visa (IV) backlog, from 273,263 in September to 311,550 in October — a 14% increase.

The number of green card applicants whose cases were documentarily complete and ready to be scheduled for an interview increased, from 312,018 in September to 353,362 (a 13% increase). A case that is considered “documentarily complete” is a case in which all the required forms and documents have been submitted and accepted by the NVC, and therefore the case is ready for interview scheduling.

The number of people scheduled for green card interviews also saw an increase — 41,812 in October compared to 38,755 interviews in September.

Work Permit Backlog Worsens Migrant Crisis in Major U.S. Cities

Cities like New York are struggling to manage an influx of migrants and ease labor shortages due to a staggering backlog of work permit applications. With over 9 million pending applications and delayed processing times, migrants are left in limbo without work authorization and must rely heavily on city-run programs and services, now strapped for resources


Trump’s 2024 Immigration Plan Includes Mass Deportations and Detention Camps

The disgraced ex-president keeps planning for his next campaign.  If re-elected in 2024, former President Donald Trump plans to roll out a sweeping crackdown on immigration, expanding on his first term’s anti-immigration policies. Trump’s proposed immigration plans include mass deportations and detention camps for undocumented immigrants, reinstating his prior “Muslim Ban,” and ending birthright citizenship for children born to undocumented parents in the U.S., among others.

International Student Enrollment Surges in U.S.

International student enrollment in U.S. colleges and universities, driven by a surge in numbers from South Asian countries, including a record-breaking total from India, has experienced its fastest growth rate in over 40 years. The 2022-23 school year saw a nearly 12% increase, with a total of 1,057,188 international students, comprising over 5% of postsecondary enrollment in the United States.

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