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Acing Your Response to a USCIS Request for Evidence (RFE)

Receiving a Request for Evidence (RFE) from USCIS can feel disappointing to applicants. It might make you question your entire application, and you are right to take it very seriously. But also, an RFE is actually a chance to address any missing or unclear information in your application and strengthen your case.

Many people who tried to file their case without an attorney often come to our office as soon as they receive an RFE in the mail, and that is a much better idea than waiting for a denial and paying an attorney even more in fees for reopening your case. Always consider consulting an attorney first and see our tips below.

General tips when reviewing your RFE response:

1. Understand the Request:

First things first, read the RFE carefully. It will outline the specific evidence USCIS needs and the deadline for submitting your response. Don't assume you know what they're looking for – pay close attention to the details! We highly recommend consulting with an attorney as soon as you receive an RFE, as many cases are denied because an applicant did not respond properly to all points on the request.

2. Gather the Evidence:

Gather all documents requested in the RFE, and if there is something you do not have on hand, then investigate how to obtain the documents requested right away. Double-check the deadlines and ensure you have complete and certified copies of everything.

3. Prepare Your Response:

Craft a cover letter that addresses each point raised in the RFE. Use bullet points or numbering for easy reference. Explain any discrepancies or missing information in a professional and factual manner.

Consider including a table that links each piece of evidence to the corresponding RFE point. This makes it easier for USCIS officers to find what they need.

4. Double-Check and Proofread:

Typos and grammatical errors can create a negative impression. Proofread your cover letter and response meticulously before submitting them. Ensure all documents are in the correct order and properly labeled.

5. Submit on Time:

Meeting the deadline is crucial. USCIS can deny your application if you miss it. Choose a reliable mailing service with tracking to ensure timely delivery.

Keep copies: Make copies of your entire RFE response package for your records.

Remember that an RFE can be an opportunity, not a roadblock. Consulting an immigration attorney can provide valuable guidance and ensure your response is comprehensive and accurate.


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