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Legal Services

Family-Based Visas 

Marriage-based green cards

Fiance Visas (K1/K2 visas)

Green cards for parents or children

Consular Visas

245(i) petitions

Petitions for siblings of U.S. citizens

Business / Employment Visas

Temporary Work Visas

International Executives

Skilled / Unskilled Employee Visas

Permanent Labor Certifications

Work Permits

Citizenship (Naturalization)

Applications for U.S. citizenship

Citizenship with past criminal history

Derivative citizenship for child of citizen

Crime Victims / Violence

U visas (violent crimes)

T visas (trafficking, labor crimes)

S visas (informants)

VAWA - spousal abuse

Domestic Violence


Waivers of Inadmissibility

Provisional Waivers

Crime Waivers

Consular Waivers

U.S. Waivers

General Legal Matters

Employment Law

Legal Agreements / Contracts

Advisory Legal Opinions


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