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Attorney Acosta and her law firm Mundo Legal were highlighted as a success story by the Inland Empire Women's Business Center (IEWBC), at the Inland Prosperity Conference on August 18, 2023.


The Inland Prosperity Conference is the highlight of Inland Prosperity Week, where entrepreneurs come together in person to connect with like-minded people in a unique setting. This event is for the purpose of inviting renowned speakers from the entrepreneurial community to share their experience and views on their journey.

The main objectives of this conference are:

- Provide greater knowledge of the entrepreneurial environment through educational and information sessions.

- Publicize the latest trends, innovations, and success stories in the market.

- Inspire future and current entrepreneurs to achieve their goals and objectives.

- Provide access to a wide range of resources and expert practice solutions.

Other than being highlighted as a success story, Attorney Acosta was selected for a mentorship by millionaire entrepreneur and business coach, Janet Steiner.


"Everything starts with an idea, then it becomes a dream and wakes up as a goal to achieve."

Attorney Acosta commented –

“As a newer business in the Inland Empire, I have been thrilled with the recognition and wonderful opportunities that have been presented to me in my new home. Having been surrounded by the idea that Los Angeles is the hub where successful firms belong, I have been converted and I now understand that you can start a successful business anywhere. The key things that have helped me so far are to stay open to change, building networks, using available resources wisely, and above all, doing the right thing for your clients or customers.”

MUNDO LEGAL was developed with the purpose of allowing a different model of direct access to attorneys for our clients. Many people feel like law firms have become a revolving door of impersonal transactions. Instead, Mundo Legal clients are part of a legal world where their attorney is a text or phone call away and working closely with them to get the best result possible.

We thank the organizers from IEWBC for this wonderful event and opportunity. We look forward to future participation in this important conference.

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