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Commendation received by Attorney Acosta by LA District Attorney Gascon

Attorney Yesenia Acosta received a Commendation from the Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon’s Office and was officially sworn in for her role on the Latino Advisory Board.

The purpose of this Los Angeles County District Attorney's Advisory Board is to provide recommendations on policies, procedures and best practices related to the Latino community. Meet the other Board members here: Latine Advisory Board | Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office (

Attorney Acosta has worked extensively to help victims of violence obtain legal status in the US due to victim’s assistance helping to report crimes against undocumented persons. Using her legal knowledge and experience working with crime victims particularly in Latino communities, she was selected to assist with this important directive.

To learn more about Attorney Acosta's history, you can visit this part of the site: Mundo Legal | Yesenia Acosta (


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