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Celebrating10-yr Attorney Anniversary

This month is very special because Attorney Yesenia celebrates her 10th anniversary since being sworn in as an attorney licensed to practice law. Here is her message:

"For me, the holidays have always been very special in my family. This month of December is even more special because I am celebrating 10 years with my license to practice law. I think there is no better way to celebrate than by sharing this great achievement with the people who have allowed me to walk this path by their side, my esteemed clients and all other people who have shared their stories with me..."

"I am very proud to be able to reflect on our journey together, and to cherish with affection the barriers broken down and the new goals conquered over the years."

"I trust that this new year will allow us to continue growing and improving. I want to keep being a leader and an advocate for people from all backgrounds in my diverse community."

Congratulations to Attorney Acosta, and we hope all the best as the journey continues.


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