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Labor abuses are common, but they are rarely reported to the proper agencies. Therefore, the immigration benefit that the T visa can offer to people who have been victims or are suffering from labor abuse should be more widely disseminated to help more workers.


T visa covers any undocumented person victimized in their place of employment. According to its definition with the acronym “T”, this visa was designed to support those abused by “human trafficking”, however, the protection extends to other workers who have been abused in the work environment.


· Be able to stay legally in the United States for up to 4 years.

· Obtain a work permit, or employment authorization (EAD)

· After the required period, the possibility of adjustment of status to permanent resident status (Green Card).

· Certain family members, or derivatives may be eligible to submit a request for employment authorization.

· Apply to receive support such as assistance with housing, food, income, health or English language training.

The basic eligibility factors for a T visa include a person who:

· Has been a victim of some form of human trafficking or labor abuse.

· Due to human trafficking, you are in the United States, or its territories.

· You have evidence of being in danger or suffering extreme hardship such as personal injury if you were to leave the United States.

· Fully complies with requests for help from law enforcement agencies for investigation or human trafficking proceedings. *If you are under 18 or your cooperation is difficult due to physical or psychological trauma, you are exempt from this*

· You are admissible to the U.S.

The T visa shares some important similarities with the U visa, for example:

· Derivative visas can be requested for some qualified family members.

· Allows visa holders and qualified family members to request their immigration status for permanent residence.

· There are fewer barriers of inadmissibility. In some cases, a waiver of inadmissibility may be requested.

· Both visas have a limit of annual authorizations: VISA-U: 10,000; and VISA-T: 5,000 per year

With expert support from our immigration team, you and your family could get the security and quality of life you deserve. Without fear of continuing the line of abuse received and ensuring their immigration status.

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